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I Dont Want To Fall
I don't want to fall today
I don't want to know how good it would be
And as I run away
You end up much closer to me
I don't want to fall today
My heart can't take much more pain
I don't want to run away
To end up in the same place
I don't want to fall today
I cannot let you in no more
And if you stayed away
I'd turn around and close the door
I don't want to fall today
But I fear that it's too late
And I'm afraid to say
How much longer will I wait?
:iconrichiez:richieZ 0 3
Out of Reach
'Out of Reach'
If I could capture moonlight I would hold it for a moment
I would walk upon the ocean, and with the waves I'd climb
If you were right here with me, if the heavens would bestow it
I would show you my devotion, heaven make her mine
Has your world come crashing down
Like waves crashed down on me
Is the moon out of sight for us,
When it's out of reach?
Well it's out of reach for me...
Another empty bottle, another empty day
I drink until I'm sober; I drink 'till I'm ok
Another empty bottle will not drown fears away
I drown in captivation; imprisoned I decay
Has your world come crashing down
Like waves crashed down on me
Is the moon out of sight for us,
When it's out of reach?
Well it's out of reach for me...
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richieZ Blue Desktop :iconrichiez:richieZ 1 1
Penetrating is the stare
Of one who loves.
Reciprocating mirror;
An endless glance.
Yes I know, I feel it too.
It fills the room.
Hearts start beating in rhythm.
We can not blink.
No moment will be wasted.
No way, not here.
Starting now is forever.
Ending never.
Nor will my heart ever fade
Your eyes shine bright
Like the end of a tunnel
Filled with despair
You saved me, not once but twice
Once just right now
Also the first time we met
You gave me hope
No, I cannot look away
Please don't make me
:iconrichiez:richieZ 3 7
look beyond
and then look further
did you see it?
look again
do you see it?
start to focus
no beginning
and no end...
that's forever
have you seen it?
eyes are widening
depth perception
getting big
glance away
just for a moment
and you will lose it
look again
gone forever
:iconrichiez:richieZ 1 3
Unlocked Doors
Reality, it changes
No, it always stays the same
I've turned so many pages
Please go back the way you came
I've become warped and weathered
Many pages left to write
'Bout how my heart's been severed
And how day turns into night
Many times have I cried wolf
When I say "cried", I SCREAMED
This guilt, it will engulf
While depravation haunts my dreams
When there was no dangerous flame
I forever shouted "FIRE!"
So, when everybody came
They all yelled back "YOU LIAR!"
My thoughts, do they inspire?
Do they show you all I lack?
Look past what is seen with eyes
Stare into my heart with yours
You'll see hope and love disguised
As cleverly unlocked doors
:iconrichiez:richieZ 1 4
Broken and tattered
All emotions, they're shattered
Nothing that mattered…
Matters now
If I hear one more scream
If there's one broken dream
I'll fall apart at the seam
Tell me how…
Tell me how to survive
All these feelings, they thrive
Yet I'm barely alive
Kill me now
:iconrichiez:richieZ 0 3
No way, there is no way
My heart only gets heavier
No chance, there is no chance
Gravity is not my friend
I don't know what to say
My heart, I wish beat steadier
Just pierce it with your lance
Sanity will be the end
My breathing deeper
My thoughts on you
Your way is cheaper
My way is true
I feel like singing
But cannot speak
My eyes are gleaming
It's you I seek
Your thoughts are pure
Yet you are not
I am your cure
It's me you've caught
You mustn't know
The way I feel
My eyes wont show
And never will
:iconrichiez:richieZ 0 2
Your icy claws
They clench my soul
The bitter chill
The dead of night
I see no stars
The ones you stole
Were all too real
There is no light
So please let go
I won't resist
I will not fight
I see your lies
If you say 'no'
Sweet lips I'll kiss
I'll hold you tight
Look in my eyes
:iconrichiez:richieZ 1 3
Are these the same mountains?
Is this the same sky?
They must not have listened,
When I said goodbye
My memories haunt me
No dreams coming true
All darkness surrounding
Around me, around you
No way to escape it
No chance to decline
If I don't seem to make it
My heart you won't find
Are these the same mountains?
Is this the same you?
No, everything's different
But nothing is new
:iconrichiez:richieZ 1 4
My paper heart stopped beating today.
No warning.
The wrinkled edges stopped breathing.
Too many wholes punched through
Worn too thin
The blood that once flowed through it…
Like color to the painter
Melody to the musician
The artist's painting dries
The musician's rhythm eventually slows
:iconrichiez:richieZ 0 3
Rejections feared
That have come true
My heart's been seared
Romantic coup
All hopes and dreams
They fade away
Unraveled seams
Begin to fray
Eyes wide open
Still not seeing
Always hopin'
And believing
I will collapse
I fall apart
There's left no chance
For lonely hearts
When waves crash down
A sight to see
You weren't around
They crashed on me
The setting sun
It waves goodbye
You were the one
That made me cry
:iconrichiez:richieZ 1 3
The night goes on
I wonder still
The cool night air
The thought of you
Have I been wrong?
Have you been real?
Is your heart fair?
Or are we through?
For this I say
So don't ask why
I slowly die
And now I see
What becomes day
Will make me cry
So please don't lie
When you see me
:iconrichiez:richieZ 1 3


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